Sofia Startup Expo 2018

IMG 20180311 205402More than 50 startup companies, investors, institutions and organizations participate at the first exhibition for startup innovative companies in Bulgaria.
35 startup companies, 7 financial institutions, 20 lecturers, 10 successful startup companies, 12 leading firms, entrepreneurs, business angels and visionaries participate in Sofia Startup Expo 2018. The first exhibition in Bulgaria for startup innovative companies is held today and tomorrow at the John Atanasov Innovation Forum, Sofia Tech Park.
The event was opened by the Deputy Minister of Economy Alexander Manolev. "We have gone a long way in a relatively short time and today we can definitely say that Bulgaria already has a startup community and a developing startup eco system. Today's event is another proof of this", Deputy Minister Manolev said. The Sofia Startup Expo exhibition presents a wide range of new technologies, Innovative services and products in various categories, including IoT - the Internet of Things and other IT Innovations.
Visitors can see a device which can be easily attached to any type of glasses and allows blind and visually impaired people to cope with their daily activities. With the help of this device, they can read, recognize faces, banknotes, products, and more. A company that develops unmanned vehicles shows a "third eye" that helps the driver prevent accidents. The system warns if there is a danger of a car accident, hitting a pedestrian and / or a cyclist.
Another innovation presented at the exhibition is a management system for regulating the whole ecosystem of your home or office, a medical software for innovative management of medical offices /equipment and patient care, as well as a platform for educational games for primary school children developing their social skills in competitive environment.
Among the shown prototypes and exhibits there are web-based and mobile applications for export companies, for access control, audits, and online sales channels, an energy monitoring system that monitors energy consumption in real time and allows cost savings. Startup companies for creation of new visual reality is also presented, as well as artistic and event management, creative spaces, cultural startups, etc.

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