More than 100 world brands and 20 automotive innovations at TRUCK EXPO 2018

TRUCK EXPO 2018The TRUCK EXPO 2018 International Exhibition hosts, this year too, the big names in the heavy-duty motor vehicles industry. From 7th to 9th of June, at Lesnovo Airport, the full range of light- and heavy-duty motor vehicles, products and services related to the industry are exhibited. The organizer of the event is the Association of Car Manufacturers and their authorized representatives for Bulgaria (ACM)
“From today until June 9th, the visitors of the exhibition will be able to see the latest achievements in the freight sector”, said the chairman of the “Heavy-duty motor vehicles” section and member of the Managing Board of ACM Georgi Zagorov. "The area of the exhibition is ​​10,000 sq. m., and there are 54 exhibitors related to the “Heavy-duty motor vehicles” sector . You will see over 600 exhibits and over 20 premieres. Traditionally many of the exhibits are presented for the first time to the Bulgarian audience, and many of them have earned international awards. Our visitors will be able to get acquainted with all the innovations in this branch gathered at one place. The visitors will not only have the cahnce of being acquainted with all innovations, but everybody who wants will be able to do a test drive, as it turned already into a tradition, " Georgi Zagorov emphasized .

"I’m delighted with what I see at Lesnovo Airport. I hope that the exhibition will become a good tradition. I hope that new trucks in Bulgarian companies will also become a tradition, not only because of the ever better performance, but most importantly because of safety , "said the chairman of the Committee of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications at the National Assembly Halil Letifov. He explicitly put stress on the united position of all parliamentary represented groups, together with the government and the Bulgarian memebers of the European Parliament, concerning the protection of Bulgarian carriers in reference with the discussions on the Mobility Package in EP.
There is a positive result so far, but it is important to continue this struggle for the protection of the interests of Bulgarian transport companies. We realize that from now on, we have a lot of work to do, " Halil Letiffov stressed.
We are opening the exhibition during a symbolic period in which we are talking about the Bulgarian transport sector, said the Deputy Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov. He pointed out that the growth of investments is 7.2% in the first quarter of this year with substantial contribution of the transport sector. "Bulgaria is also developing in the automobile sector. We have new companies, and over 170 companies produce automobile components. We have the ambition very soon to assemble buses in Bulgaria, and why not trucks as well, "added Lachezar Borisov.

More than 20 premieres and automobile innovations await the visitors of the TRUCK EXPO 2018. Here are all models awarded with prestigious international automobile prizes for the year. Selected for the “Truck of 2018” - DAF XF and DAF CF are among the exhibits. In addition, DAF demonstrates its DAF LF for the first time. The winner of the most prestigious comparative test in Germany - the 1000-point comparative test - Scania R 450 is also on the track at Lesnovo Airport. The Swedish brand has prepared two premieres for the visitors of the show - the new Scania V8 and Scania XT.

The light motor vehicles segment has also the ambition to impress the Bulgarian audience. Only three months after its world premiere, in February, the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes to the exhibition, and its first deliveries will start this month. The luxury brand shows its new X-Class at the show. Its serious turning angle and its clearance of over 200 mm imply good off-road qualities.
At TRUCK EXPO 2018 we also expect to see ISUZU D-Max, the Multi-Purpose Vehicle of 2018, and the Volkswagen Crafter - the International Van of 2017. Ford will show the Ranger, the only 5-star EuroNCAP pickup truck in the world and the Custom pickup truck also with 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating. The Tourneo Custom passenger van comes to the show upgraded with a new 2018 model. All of the exhibited models can be tested to demonstrate their qualities and the new implemented technologies and equipment.

TRUCK EXPO 2018 will continue till June 9 and expects its visitors from 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs on June 7th and 8th, and on Saturday - 9th June - from 10:00hrs to 16:00hrs. There is a playground for the children with lots of amusements and games, and for all visitors there is a prize lottery. Entrance is free after registration at:
DAF, FORD TRUCKS, ISUZU, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, OTOKAR, RENAULT TRUCKS, SCANIA, VOLVO TRUCKS are exhibited for the Bulgarian audiences and business with their latest models, technologies and equipment. Next to them are the light motor vehicle models of FORD, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, PEUGEOT, PIAGGIO, VOLKSWAGEN, as well as the manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers, hydraulic systems, components and equipment. The biggest event for industrial transport in Bulgaria also features companies for service equipment, spare parts, tires, oils, accessories and consumables, financial and insurance products, gas station chains and others. Everything the sector needs is gathered together at one place.

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